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Job Purpose

Execute procurement, contract administration and cost management at pre-contract (as when necessary) and post contract stage for developments/projects within Business Unit(s) according to Company’s policies and procedures

Job Responsibilities


  • Support and assist in executing overall contract administration and cost management at pre-contract (as when necessary) and post contract stage for developments/projects within Business Unit(s) strategy according to Company’s policies and procedures




  • Execute final account documentation and ensure it is compiled within twelve (12) months from Certified of Practical Competition (CPC) for committee’s approval
  • Assist in preparation costing for Annual Operating Plan



  • Assist in ensuring contractual compliance of projects are in accordance to Policies and Procedures
  • Assist in coordinating cost management related matters at the post contract stage
  • Assist in reviewing the preliminary cost estimation against budget during pre-contract stage
  • Assist in reviewing the tender documents including BQ review and TRF to meet the targeted date
  • Assist to ensure timely award of contractors for Township Community Services (TCS) works upon receipt of the Requisition Form for approval

Job Responsibilities (Con't)

  • Work cohesively with Development Team by attending Client Consultant Meeting (CCM) and site meeting as and when required to ensure projects are implemented based on Contractual and SOP requirements
  • Assist in preparation of Payment Advise (CPA) to Contractors and Consultants for 1st Payment and at Stage of CPC/CMGD/Final as per Contract Management Standard Checklist
  • Monitor and ensure payments are made in accordance to contract provision and within stipulated time
  • Assist in updating Project/APVO/VO/EOT and Final Account Trackers on regular basis for Management reporting
  • Assist to ensure APVO/VO, EOT and Final Account submission by Consultants and Township are in accordance to Contract Management Standard Checklist
  • Assist in monitoring of AVPO/VO, EOT and Final Account trackers to ensure required approval as per agreed timeline
  • Assist in preparation of contract documents and rates rationalization
  • Coordinate with Consultants on Elemental Cost Analysis and Monthly Financial Statement
  • Conduct market intelligence and provide key insight on industry cost benchmark and impact (especially on materials and services)
  • Execute and assist the utilization of procurement systems and tool in procurement activities

Job Responsibilities (Con't)

Impact / Accountability

Responsible for all contract operational and administrative procedures involving developments/Projects within Business Unit(s)

Education/Professional Qualification

Degree in Quantity Survey or any relevant qualifications

Professional Experience

  • 3-5 years relevant working experience in Property Development industry
  • Registered Member of Board of QS Malaysia (BQSM) or Royal Institute of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM)


L2 ACE Building Effective Teams
L2 ACE Continuous Learning
L2 ACE Developing Talent
L2 ACE Driving Success
L2 ACE Stakeholder Management
L2 ACE Strategic Visioning
P2 - Analytical Thinking
P2 - Contract Management
P2 - Decision Making and Problem Solving
P2 - Policy Development, Enforcement and Compliance Assessment
P2 - Procurement Process
P2 - Vendor Management
L1 ACE Building Effective Teams
L1 ACE Continuous Learning
L1 ACE Developing Talent
L1 ACE Driving Success
L1 ACE Stakeholder Management
L1 ACE Strategic Visioning

Risk Management

Governance, Risk and Integrity:

Understand, at minimal:

  • The Group and BU/OU/Support Department governance structure and process;
  • BU/OU/Support Department operating parameters;
  • Laws, rules and regulations impacting BU/OU/Support Department area of operations;
  • The Group’s principles and requirements of the Group's Code of Business Conduct ("COBC"), Group Policies and Authorities (“GPA”) and related policies and procedures.
  • The basic application of risk management in the BU/OU/Support Department area of operations;

        [the above is collectively known as “requirements”]

Drive, lead and/or assist in:

  • Maintaining compliance to the requirements.
  • Guiding others, where required.
  • Raise concerns and seek guidance when in doubt.

Job Segment: Secretary, Contract Manager, Procurement, Administrative Assistant, Risk Management, Administrative, Legal, Operations, Finance